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Eco Design

An eco-friendly approach is now expected by many consumers and brands need to respond.  Quite often, the eco option can have a positive effect on the bottom line.

Minima have some bespoke tools to audit and benchmark the sustainability of our design concepts either against each other against a product to be replaced or against the competition.  The company are the only UK design consultancy trained in the use of the EcolizerTM 2.0 design sustainability auditing tool.

Provided as part of the European C2C Network, it gives us a basis on which to assess and communicate eco-design options from the early stages of a project.  On top of this, experience gained over the years in a wide range of market sectors is important to understand the impact of material choice and design detailing on the sustainability of a product during its life cycle.

Outputs of the overall approach can range from the simple attention to detailing to make material re-use of a part easier for the creation of 100% recyclable parts and packaging.  The results of an environmental assessment aim at improving market success and business efficiency as much as saving the planet.

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