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IP Management

Designing your ideal product, calling from our ethnographic, design for manufacture and brand identity expertise is only part way to ensuring your ultimate goal – commercial success.

A great product can have little intrinsic value if it can be copied, manufactured at lower cost (and usually lower quality) then distributed by another company.

Designs and inventions can be protected from copying using patents, registered design rights and copyright. These legal rights are essential to ensuring the value of new products is retained, boosting established company assets and increasing exit valuations of start up companies.

We offer our clients a comprehensive intellectual property protection and management service covering the entire protection lifecycle from prior art searching and evaluation, application filing and attorney liaison through to monitoring and landscaping for future R&D focus.

In his career to date our Technical director, Dr Andrew McCulloch has evaluated over 2,000 ideas and concepts from the healthcare sector, resulting in the filing of over 30 patent applications, numerous granted patents and subsequent licence deals with companies such as Beckton Dickinson and Medtronic.

To find out how Minima can engineer your best chance of commercial success get in touch with Andrew:

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