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Beautiful obsolescence

A very interesting series of portraits that also serve as a comment on ‘waste culture, life cycles and identity.’  The works are paintings using obsolete media storage formats as a canvas that are composed to integrate with the form.

Nick Gentry is a British artist who, after growing up surrounded by floppy disks, video tapes and the like takes inspiration from considering how the technological and cultural changes posed by internet-based interactions affect personal identity.  By combining iconic but obsolete  storage devices in his paintings he creates a unique view of our relationship with data.

As he describes his work: ‘Will humans be forever compatible with our own technology?’

Designers can at least hope that our own designs, if not recycled, can end up in work as interesting as this.

The artist gratefully accepts contributions of recycled media that have come to the end of their useful lives so there is an opportunity anyone to help a work of art be made.

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Images reproduced with the kind permission of Nick Gentry.

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