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Brand Building Valve Leak Detector


The Midas Meter represents the next generation in valve leak detection for industrial fluid monitoring such as the energy industries. As such the product had to be strong, reliable and also positively convey the client’s brand value.


Valve leaks are costly and can be pose an extreme hazard not only to workers but also to the environment.

Taking Score’s proprietary acoustic emissions leak sensing technology, Minima took a holistic design and development approach to create a unique self-contained hand-held unit. The project ran from concept inception right through to manufacture transfer and production. This included commisioning part manufacture.


This project incorporated complex electronics, sensor equipment, battery management and RF communications hardware with robust and brand specific design. We developed custom electronics potting tooling to optimise product weight and balance. The process required close liaison with electronics suppliers and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with ATEX (explosive atmosphere) standards.

Ideation Concept Sketching Prototyping Testing Design for manufacture & assembly Packaging design / manufacture Technical Documentation Awards/
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