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Ultrasonic Cane


The Sound Foresight Ultracane has been recognised as delivering a ‘step forward’ in assistive mobility aids. The technologies incorporated into the futuristic cane have the ability to increase the visually impaired user’s understanding of the hazards around them, leading to greater mobility confidence and independence. The cane effectively replicates the echo location system employed in the animal kingdom. Ultrasonic waves are emitted through transducers in the handle, bounce off objects and obstructions in the path of the user and the information provided by the ‘echo’ is fed back to the user in the form of directed vibrations. Minima took the lab technologies and developed the casework design and overall functionality of the product, undertaking significant experience-based research to ensure that the product could be developed for multi-cultural roll-out.


It was clear to Minima that the technologies had the potential to deliver more detailed and accurate impressions to the user more quickly than conventional assistive mobility aids. In addition, the electronic system not only informed the user of the environment in front of him , but also extended the range of understanding to include the zone above the cane.


Minima’s professionalism, skill and thoughtful approach was matched by its energetic enthusiasm for involvement in such a potentially life-changing and global scale product. We embraced the need to experience the difficulties of life without sight and researched how standard assistive mobility aids such as canes are used around the world. The understanding nurtured our improvements of the cane’s functionality and led us to create a user-centred, intuitive design which was also firmly thought through from the manufacturing process perspective. Minima’s in-house prototyping capabilities were paramount across this project. One–off units created to the highest specifications were delivered for review and refinement, ensuring that product development could be optimised before investment in the manufacturing process.

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