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Bacteria Detector


It is not unusual for Minima to become the development partner for clients with outstanding technology; but no product. The project designing a handheld bacteria tester was no exception in that the chemistry behind the device was unique but needed a platform to be able to be sold as a product.


The SystemSure technology helps to protect FMCG brand and reputation by delivering the ability to assess product quality, extend product shelf life, prevent cross-contamination and enable immediate corrective action and/or avoid recalls through access to accurate and traceable verification of the hygienic status.

Moving the scientific advance from Lab to robust saleable product had the potential to develop business opportunities across many markets and gain business for Celsis in new sectors.


The Minima team worked closely with the client from the outset to gain an in-depth understanding of the expected product specification but also to uncover unseen usability and deployment challenges. The innovative, compact, hand-held unit and protective casing delivered every requirement.

Minima recognised a need to adapt to the size of market and creating a product at the most effective selling price would be critical to commercial success for such an innovative product. The design and engineering of the devices were specifically tailored to allow for cost effective, small volume production, whilst factoring in a ramp-up later in the product’s life with little other tooling investment.

This flexibility and the operating performance of the luminometer won the SystemSure product 6 industry awards.

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