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Accident Recorder


“I can see why they were recommended to me in the first place…” Truscene had in-car camera benchtop technology with a long journey to travel before ever being brought to market. Minima offered help to reach every milestone. We set about optimising the thinking, applying design expertise to every element of the potential product from electronics layouts to casework functionality.

Through our impressive prototyping capabilities including in-house injection mould tooling design and plastic injection moulding design, the in-car camera made its debut at the British Motor Show.


Having photographic evidence of an accident or damage carried out to your vehicle as it is happening has the potential to make insurance claims simpler.

A single lens, impact-protected camera – factory or retro-fitted – is an appealing addition for drivers of all types of vehicles worldwide looking for real peace of mind. Special anti-tampering encoding technology prevents any personal editing ability of the video footage and thus ensures that it can stand as legal evidence.


The sheer extent of expertise at Minima’s fingertips made forging a universal product a clearly formulated, practical process. Our design agility and nimble way of working meant that rapid progress could be made in optimising everything from electronic layouts to suitable materials, but never losing the end-user as the clear focus.

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