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Buried Asset Detector

University spin out companies can significantly boost their value through working with Minima. We are regularly approached by spin outs who have an exciting new technology which requires a complimentary product to extract the most from this new science.


Historically, buried asset (cables, pipes, conduiting etc) detection has been achieved through electromagnetic sensing of metal components in the pipework. However, recently more and more plastic pipe work is used for these utilities, particularly gas and water. This makes the buried asset notoriously difficult to locate. The Oxems technology centres around RFID tagging of these conduits and a sensing system which can detect the attached tag, recognise its unique code and record it on a Geographical Information System (GIS). This database can then be referred to in the future to pin-point the buried asset using GPS tracking.


Minima designed a product system to accommodate all aspects of this technology, from the sensor head hardware and complex electronics integration required to ensure the detector could withstand the rigors of constructions site use through to the ruggedized RFID tag which is buried with the pipe.


Initial ergonomic analysis established overall detector layout including weight balance and grip. Extensive use of composites optimised strength and kept weight to a minimum whilst Minima used their design for manufacture expertise and in-house prototyping capability to build a fully functioning pre-production prototype in less then 12 weeks.

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