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Powered Fibre Install Tool


Minima has years of experience within the telecoms industry and services the product design and development requirements of many blue chip companies. Minima has continually taken Miniflex products to the next level, contributing to over 20 generic patents held by Miniflex throughout the world’s key industrial regions.

Miniflex Ltd was established as a sister company venture based on our unrivalled knowledge of fibre optics. It not only provides the environment to develop and commercialise our own unprecedented products, but has extended our ability to win practical knowledge and secure ongoing experience of product commercialisation.

This mutually beneficial relationship has contributed towards Miniflex now being recognised as a progressive and leading expert in the fibre optics field.


Miniflex products simplify fibre deployment. They are used across the harshest and most demanding of environments and are totally compatible with other fibre network products the world over. Miniflex systems de-skill fibre installation and open up the industry to a wider workforce.

Putting designs to the test by real users in real life situations couldn’t be more important. The implementation of the results of field testing opens up the product to a wider market, shows commitment to ongoing improvement of customer service, building brand and reputation.

Minima’s partnership approach and design agility makes all this possible.


The WAM push tool is Minima’s head-turning innovative alternative to messy, labour intensive and expensive blow and pull technologies for optical fibre installation to the home. The travel-anywhere unit frees itself from the traditional fibre installation confines of access to mains power or compressed air, can be operated by a single person and is a cleaner, faster and safer alternative to any other fibre deployment process.

Minima consciously goes beyond the concept to ensure optimum user experience and market adoption. Bringing our innovation to life it is a vital part of the process which will often take the product to the next level. We studied the performance of the WAM tool in the field, observed what the workforce understood about it – or needed to understand about it. We took simplicity by design one stage further by translating observations into action to create an even more reliable, robust and even more end-user friendly WAM 2.

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