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Telecoms Fibre Management Solutions


The demand for broadband communications requires optical fibre roll out on a global scale. Minima has created a range of innovative solutions to solve many of the unique challenges facing network installation.

Miniflex, a Minima spin-out company manufactures systems and products for the growing optical fibre market using Minima’s innovation to add to its impressive portfolio of optical fibre protection systems. Optical fibre cabling offers superior communications benefits to copper, however, it features more advanced routing techniques to avoid breakage and a greater level sophistication at each connection.


The global telecommunications network is the planet’s largest machine. Upgrading services to optical fibre from traditional copper networks is an enormous challenge. Equipment designed and developed by Minima has included cable and fibre management that improves installer usability as well as the design and engineering of WAM powered cable installation units.


Minima has taken a wide range of Miniflex products to the next level and introduced them across a variety of sectors. We have built up our business partner‘s reputation and secured valuable patents along the way.

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