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Remote Telemetry


Regional water authorities and businesses in the marine sector regularly have the need to employ important and often fragile equipment underwater. Remote telemetry units collect data automatically and connect directly to sensors, meters, loggers or process equipment. They are therefore key to the management of assets in a wide variety or applications.
Effective casing is of paramount importance to ensure that equipment can perform reliably, shielded from water, pressure and other potential sources of external damage.

Minima was a natural partner because of our extensive understanding of materials – especially ruggized plastics – and considerable experience in the design of solutions to protect fragile products such as fibre optic components across demanding or space-limited environments (eg.within marine, aeronautical and automotive industry environments).


Metasphere’s Industrial Remote Telemetry offering has an expected lifespan of 10 years. Minima’s solution breeds confidence in the brand values of reliability and durability. It reduces risk of damage to the important equipment inside the casing without impeding its performance, so that the focus remains firmly on the ability of the monitoring unit to deliver reliable evaluation results.


Minima’s business partnership approach means that we work with the idea owner from the outset to win in depth understanding of the expected parameters of the product. Our research into the possible deployment situations then took us a stage further, to ensure design for optimum performance even in most exceptional potential situations and environments.

From our findings and business partner discussions, we were able to select the most appropriate ruggedized materials for the solution and employ our design agility and injection moulding expertise to craft a robust unit which was easy to manufacture and assemble, cost effective to produce, yet offering maximum ingress protection.

Prototypes were moulded on site, tested and refined and presented for field testing.

The final products are completely self-contained, low-cost ,fit-and-forget units and are certified intrinsically safe for use in harsh and hazardous environments in remote locations requiring ATEX compliance to zone 0.

The units went into manufacture and are now being used in industry in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

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