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Video Conferencing Platform


High volume business users of video conferencing systems for mission critical communications require equipment which is reliable and robust, powerful and fault tolerant.

The team at Minima are experts at designing out technical complexity and have a real understanding of packaging potential, its fundamental contribution to safeguarding brand values and specific market demands.

Our business partnership approach means that fully thought-through industrial designs are supported by practical solutions. User testing is of paramount importance to ensure that the ‘packaging’ is fulfilling its requirements to the full. Minima offers the opportunity to take ideas to prototype and run extensive programmes of design revisions swiftly before entering into full manufacturing costs.

Codian (now Tandberg, part of Cisco) – an award-winning provider of video conferencing infrastructure products – chose Minima to optimise its idea and its brand. Minima’s exceptional design agility and expertise in managing fast-turnaround prototyping had significant roles to play.


The MSE 8000 ‘plug and play’ system does away with the need for additional wires or manual connections. It delivers an unprecedentedly clean-looking, contained, business-like, robust and easy-to-use solution to companies seeking high volume system capacity.


Our team distilled the technical requirements of the system to explore the ‘packaging’ capabilities. Structural brand positioning was a key consideration throughout the development process as well as the need to create a product which would breed customer confidence. The concept needed to deliver on simplicity for the user, but also support the brand values of reliability and durability.

The ‘plug and play’ concept – already employed in other product sectors – would be readily understood by customers even though it was innovative to this product area. With the product offering a ‘tidy’ solution, the design had the potential to make the technology worthy of on-show venue space rather than being relegated to the technology room. The challenge of ‘packaging’ a large quantity of technical components compactly and effectively in a chassis was however considerable.

At Minima, design and skilled prototyping expertise come together, delivering refinements to developing design ideas very quickly and efficiently. The MSE 8000 chassis was designed and produced rapidly, within just three months.

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