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Asthma, eczema and rhinitis are increasingly common conditions. In many cases, symptoms are caused by an allergy to house dust mite allergens. Research has shown that over 85% of asthmatic children are sensitive to these particular triggers. Exposure of children in early years of life to allergens increases their chances of developing allergies. Therefore establishing an allergy friendly home is important, and this can be done through careful management of common allergens.

The house dust mite allergy monitoring system helps the user identify areas of concern within the home. It can be used to test throughout the house, on sofas, beds, carpets and soft furnishings. Full information is provided with each kit on how to deal with indoor allergens.


Appreciating the importance of packaging from a consumer, client and market perspective, Minima produces highly innovative design solutions that maximise appeal and minimise product costs. Focusing on aesthetics, structural branding and functionality, Minima's creativity blends together to produce designs that strengthen brands as well as adding value to the product. Working together with Acaris Ltd, we were able to produce through prototyping, testing and design for manufacture a strong branded design that successfully made it to market.


Mite-Alert is a cost effective monitoring system specifically designed for dust mite allergens in your home or work environment. The monitoring kit allows the user to quickly and easily test a variety of sites for house dust mite allergen levels. Once 'hot spots' are identified, allergens can be effectively removed to provide a safe and healthy indoor environment.

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