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Carbon Creation

At Minima we are constantly looking to expand our skills and expertise. This includes our understanding of materials and processes. The use of composites is spreading rapidly as the benefits of light weight and added strength are requirements in a number of market sectors. We have experience of specifying and prototyping with both carbon fiber and Kevlar in our projects, creating both prototype tools for composite part production and also complete pieces in-house.

Keeping processes in-house gives us more control over the overall prototype and more potential design iterations ensuring everything fits and functions as it should. The benefits are not confined to better design and value-added prototyping but also can be seen in an easier transfer to manufacturing.

In this example, my tired 1969 Porsche 911 T was in need of some bling, so some velocity stacks for carburetors seemed like a good starting point. We got some good results, Here’s how we got on…

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