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The specialised demands of products for medical applications benefit from development with an experienced team with understanding of the nuances of work in this area. 

Minima has in-depth knowledge of  medical materials, standards and also particular expertise in design for infection prevention.  Our award winning portfolio contains many examples of both medical device design and products or furniture for healthcare environments.  We are familiar with the more stringent regulatory environment and extended project time commitments to navigate approvals prior to product launch. 


Innovative packaging solutions for maximum appeal

Acaris Ltd

Dust mite monitoring device

Acaris Ltd Dust mite monitoring device
Hyge Safe Combating cross infection with Hyge Safe
Bacteria Detector Turnkey development took bench-top science to market
Ultrasonic Cane Leading the way to improved sight-impaired mobility
Hospital Porters Chair Infection control as a driver for new innovation

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