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Design and Innovation Trends

A collection of new ideas and innovative perspectives that captured our imagination.  The world of design and new product development changes at an ever faster pace. Inspiration for new designs can come from almost anywhere.  All that’s needed is a spark of imagination and a team capable of turning them into real customer value.

See what we are inspired by and what our new products and ideas are inspiring in others.


Time to Hang Up Your Chocks

Andrew M

Light.Touch.Matters selects Minima EU Funded Advanced Materials Research Project
A blind man cycles with UltraCane 'Mobility asistance to blind and partially sighted...'
Fashion for 3D printing '...abstract ideas and using new techniques...'
Beautiful obsolescence The Art of Nick Gentry

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BBC showcases the Ultracane

Richard Hammond uses the Ultracane to demostrate the innovative use of sonar technology.